Основы грамматики английского языка для студентов-медиков. Раздел III, страница 3

6.  The students can’t go home now because ___ (to arrange the concert).

7.  You can’t speak to professor Ivanov now because ___ (to deliver a lecture in Histology).

8.  We can’t go out because ___ (to wait for an important telephone call).

III. Complete the sentences

1.  Ted is playing the piano, and Mike ___.

2.  While Helen is cooking lunch, her friend ___.

3.  The teacher is explaining a new rule and the students ___.

4.  While I am speaking to my fellow-student, Nick ___.

5.  My mother is knitting and I ___.

6.  While his aunt is taking a shower her husband ___.

7.  While Lucy is watching TV, her brother ___.

8.  We are taking our examination on Biology and our friends ___.

IV. Put the sentences into negative and interrogative forms

1.  I am studying Anatomy now.

2.  We are having our breakfast now.

3.  It’s getting colder.

4.  My friend is spending her vocations with her parents.

5.  You are speaking too loudly.

6.  They are buying new furniture now.

7.  My father is helping me with my mathematics.

8.  My sister is ill with the grippe.

9.  Professor Belov delivers lectures in Anatomy.

V. Put up questions to the outlined words

1.  We are working for our examinations now.

2.  The doctor is treating me with antibiotics.

3.  They are drawing something on the wall.

4.  The doctor is examining a patient now.

5.  The girl is crying in the next room.

6.  I’m having a rest now because I’m very tired.

7.  You are making a lot of mistakes in your answer.

8.  The children are playing in the yard.

VI. Translate into English

1.  Пока я измеряю температуру, моя мама готовит мне чай с медом.

2.  Мой дедушка сейчас работает в саду.

3.  Послушай! Кто-то играет на пианино!

4.  Ты видишь человека на углу улицы? Что он делает?

5.  Почему ты смотришь на меня так странно?

6.  В настоящий момент студенты конспектируют лекцию.

7.  Наши дети принимают участие в концерте сейчас.

8.  Я не могу понять его. Он говорит с сильным акцентом.

9.  Почему ты так шумишь? Дети спят.

10.  Пациенты ждут в кабинете.

11.  Я еду домой сейчас.


I. Translate into Russian

1.  Hurry up! The bus is leaving in a quarter of an hour.

2.  We are staying with our friends in Moscow next week.

3.  They are moving into their new flat soon.

4.  I am taking my competitive entrance examinations in July.

5.  Mary and Kate are coming back from their vocations next Monday.

6.  My family is visiting me in May.

II. Add some information

Model: We are having breakfast so early because ___ (to go on an excursion to Leeds).

We are having breakfast so early because we are going on an excursion to Leeds.

1.  Mary is making a new dress because ___ (to go to a party, on Saturday evening).

2.  I’m helping him with his grammar because ___ (to take an exam next Wednesday).

3.  He is waiting for Helen because ___ (to go to the concert tonight).

4.  She is sending a telegram to her parents because ___ (to stay in Moscow, for five days).

5.  I’m learning History up to small hours because ___ (to have a credit on Tuesday).

6.  I am buying tickets because ___ (to fly to Moscow in a week).

III. Answer the questions

1.  What are you doing tomorrow afternoon?

2.  Where are you spending this weekend?

3.  Who is spending the weekend with you?

4.  When are you taking your winter exams?

5.  Are you graduating from the Institute this year?

6.  Are you attending all the lectures next month?

7.  Are your friends going on vocation to their parents in winter?

8.  What course are you studying next year?

IV. Express the arranged future action by means of “to be going to”

Model A: I intend to tell you all the news today.

I am going to tell you all the news today.

1.  We intend to call for him on our way to the Institute.

2.  I intend to stay here a little longer.

3.  He intends to spend much more time on his Histology.

4.  They intend to finish work at the end of the week.

5.  We intend to follow all your advice.

6.  I intend to enter the Institute next year.

7.  She intends to hand in an application in June.

Model B: He refuses to take us to the laboratory tomorrow.

He is not going to take us to the laboratory tomorrow.

1.  I refuse to take part in this experiment.

2.  She refuses to stay in bed all day long.

3.  We refuse to telephone her tonight.

4.  My friend refuses to include these findings to the report.

5.  They refuse to stay at the Institute after classes.

6.  I refuse to be present at the meeting.

7.  He refuses to belong to this scientific circle this year.

V. Answer the questions

1.  When are you going to graduate from the Institute?

2.  Who is going to help you to cope with Physics?

3.  What are your group-mates going to arrange for the weekend?

4.  When are you going to take state examinations?

5.  What are you going to spend your time on?

6.  When are you going to start your research work?

7.  Are you going to live in a hostel or with your parents next year?

VI. Translate into English

1.  Мы уезжаем в Москву на следующей неделе.

2.  Я не собираюсь поступать в Политехнический институт.

3.  Вы собираетесь стать врачом или учителем?

4.  В следующем году я заканчиваю институт.

5.  Когда вы собираетесь лечить его?

6.  Много абитуриентов поступают в наш институт в этом году.

7.  Что вы собираетесь ответить ему?